GSoC 2020 Work product

Adding varlink support for Nmstate: GSoC 2020 under Fedora projects


Arunagirinadan Sudharshan

  • Github handle : @SudhanAruna


  • Fernando Fernandez Mancera
  • Till Maas
  • Gris Ge

About the project and tasks

Nmstate is a python library that manages the networking setting of the host using the NetworkManger to apply the configuration. Tasks assigned to me as a GSoC mentee was to implement varlink support to libnmstate functions which enables nmstate to used by other programming languages and systems.


I was able start working on this tasks in mid of community bonding period. During this GSoC period I learnt alot about open source community and approches in development.

Below are patches I worked to understand the project code base (Before community bonding period).

Following are links for the implementing varlink support

  • Implementing varlink support for libnmstate PR #1270 [Merged]

  • Implemented systemd service for nmstate-varlink PR #1271 [Merged]

  • Updated manpage for nmstate-varlink PR #1297 [Merged]

  • Added documentation for nmstate-varlink service in PR #44

I have also written blog post under fedora community blog post about the implementation of varlink in nmstate and about my experience during the implementation as mentee.

To do

Additionally task to be completed is improve kubernetes-nmstate to support varlink implementation in nmstate.